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Low carbon homes

Our homes are designed to save you money by reducing the cost of heating and energy. They also reduce the amount of carbon emitted into the atmosphere significantly when compared with traditional homes, which is good for our environment.

Energy efficiency

We design all of our houses and apartments to be thermally efficient.  Electricity is supplied into your home via solar panels and heating and hot water comes from a ground source heat pump system.

The heating system comprises thermal arrays housed in 200 metre boreholes that are linked to heat pumps within individual properties, which are connected to the domestic electrical supply. The borehole array will supply water to the pump at approximately 10oC, and for every KWh of power, the pumps will generate an estimated 4.8 KWh of energy, making them extremely cost effective.

Free electricity

Tenants are provided with up to 60% free electricity from the roof-mounted PV panels, and green energy directly from the communal ground source heat pump system. Energy efficient PCM thermal batteries* will also be fitted- in combination, reducing carbon levels by an estimated 93% and energy bills by an estimated 28%. 

*Available in selected properties