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About Us

Incrementum is more than just a house builder.

Owned by Warrington Borough Council, we are committed to provide a range of high quality, low carbon and low maintenance housing at a fair rent for everyone, irrespective of social or economic background or age. We provide a mix of private rental and affordable rented* properties with sustainable, environmentally-friendly designs and specifications in desirable locations.  Increasing the number of affordable homes in Warrington is a key aspect of our ambition.

Our Ethos

All our homes will be:

  • a high design quality befitting and improving the local area, evolved following extensive consultation with local residents
  • meeting acknowledged accommodation needs that are not presently being met by the market
  • available to all sections of society, irrespective of background
  • specifically designed to be energy-efficient and accessible for the mobility-impaired

  • supplied with some free electricity via roof-mounted solar panels reducing running costs
  • provided at fair rent levels, with one-third being classed as affordable (subject to eligibility)
  • low-carbon, with energy being supplied via the solar panels and communal ground source heat pumps

All our developments will be ambassadors of environmental stewardship: retaining where possible, and replacing where not, all features of ecological value and creating areas that facilitate and encourage wildlife.

Our Brands

There are three key brands representing Incrementum housing:

Incrementum Housing Companies logo

Incrementum Housing

Incrementum Housing consists of two subsidiary companies:

Incrementum Development Company logo

Incrementum Housing Development Company

The development company acquires sites and procures the construction of the housing with a building contractor.

Incrementum Management Company logo

Incrementum Housing Management Company

Once completed, the properties are handed over to the management company which is responsible for lettings, management, and maintenance.

Existing Developments

Development of 92 properties comprising 1 and 2-bed apartments, and 2 and 3-bed houses, for both open market and affordable rent.

Development of 69 properties comprising 1 and 2-bed apartments, and 2 and 3-bed houses, for both open market and affordable rent.

Coming soon

We will be announcing details of our next development in Summer 2024.

Incrementum Housing News

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*subject to eligibility